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Brick House in the City – Fall 2022 Line

I once was lost, but now I’m found. // Raise your hand if Amazing Grace makes you tear up just a little every time you hear it. This hymn always moves me, but most especially the line – I once was lost, but now I’m found. My mind immediately goes to all the times in my life where I was the 1, not the 99, and God still sought me out, approached me where I was, in love, not shame, and saved my heart. What a gift it is to have a God that loves us so fiercely and to…

Do Justice tee

Brick House in the City – Summer 2022 Line

Reading has made many saints. – Josemaría Escrivá // I remember growing up and riding in the back seat of the station wagon while my Dad listened to books on tape, almost exclusively on the lives of the saints and their writings. From a young age, I found both inspiration and comfort in their stories by understanding that they were not superhumans, but ordinary people who strove for extraordinary holiness. To this day, when I am feeling discouraged in my faith, I look to the saints, and I am reminded that I am not alone on this path and that…

Draw Near devotional

Draw Near – A Lenten Invitation to Lay Down Shame and Embrace Intimacy with God

In a few short weeks, we will begin our annual Lenten pilgrimage through the desert. All too often, though, we carry with us the heavy burden of shame, the feeling that we are not living up to our own expectations. Shame, however, does not come from God; He desires not our deeds, but our very hearts. This Lent, we invite you to lay down shame and embrace the freedom of intimacy with God. During these forty sacred days, we will be guided by seven extraordinary saints, each of whom shines their own particular light on the path before us: St.…

Your Mercies Are New Tee

Brick House in the City – Winter Line 2022

You can find all the new designs from our Winter 2022 line here – Women’s Apparel Archives – Brick House in the City Your mercies are new every morning. – Lamentations 3:22 // The prophet Jeremiah wrote Lamentations in a time of grief and sorrow. In Lamentations, we see both the sorrow that comes from sin and the compassion that comes from God. The heaviness can be felt throughout it all, but as we read this verse, the beacon of hope pierces through. Our God is merciful to us and grants us an opportunity to start new, each day with…

God Walks Among the Pots and Pans

Christmas 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

All tees will be marked down to just $22.99 and all sweatshirts will be marked down to $32.99. This is the lowest price of the year! Just use the code – JOYFUL – at checkout! Our Home Line will have our biggest discounts of the year too! Tea towels sets will marked down from $25.99 to $20 Mama Mary Ice Pack Sets will marked down from $17 to $15 Keychains will marked down from $13.50 to $11.50 Our Mary’s Mantle Swaddle and Baptism Swaddle will be marked down from $27 to $22 Our Fidget Rosary Poppers will be marked down…

Be Still & Know Tee

Brick House in the City’s Fall 2021 Line

Walk with your feet on Earth, but in your heart be in Heaven – Saint John Bosco // I have always loved this quote. Our time on Earth is incredibly precious and it is not to be wasted. Our feet lead us on paths where we can fulfill our unique vocations, where we can love boldly and seek the Jesus in others. Our feet and hands serve, and our hearts keep us on course. We can do what we do in our time here on Earth because our hearts are with Jesus. For this design, I wanted to create little windows that have…

If not, He is still good | Catholic tee

Summer 2021 Women’s Line

“& if not, He is still Good” – Daniel 3:18 // Sometimes these words can be so deeply hard.  Through struggle and prayers that feel unanswered, He is still good. When the miracles we pray for don’t happen, He is still good. When relationships end before we’re ready, He is still good. When someone else gets the promotion, or the friendship, or experience we’ve been longing for, He is still good. Through all the aches and pains, we know that it is true in the bone of our bones – God is good all the time. Jesus, open our eyes…

No Unlikely Saints Catholic Devotional

No Unlikely Saints – A Lenten Pilgrimage With Sacred Company

This Lent, we invite you to make a pilgrimage to the cross with seven extraordinary women and men of God. Come and journey with Blessed Sára Salkhaházi through Nazi-occupied Hungary, with Venerable Augustus Tolton through late-nineteenth century Illinois, with Servant of God Dorothy Day through Depression-era New York, with St. Martín de Porres through seventeenth-century Peru, with St. Óscar Romero through twentieth-century El Salvador on the verge of civil war, with Servant of God Thea Bowman through Civil Rights-era Mississippi, and finally, with Servant of God Julia Greeley through turn-of-the-century Colorado. Each week of Lent is dedicated to one of…

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