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If not, He is still good | Catholic tee

Summer 2021 Women’s Line

“& if not, He is still Good” – Daniel 3:18 // Sometimes these words can be so deeply hard.  Through struggle and prayers that feel unanswered, He is still good. When the miracles we pray for don’t happen, He is still good. When relationships end before we’re ready, He is still good. When someone else gets the promotion, or the friendship, or experience we’ve been longing for, He is still good. Through all the aches and pains, we know that it is true in the bone of our bones – God is good all the time. Jesus, open our eyes…

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Winter 2021 Line

For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. – John 1:16 // Grace is a gift that usually feels unmerited to me that I can receive it so generously and so fully and so often, despite all my missteps and short comings.   That is just how much our Father loves us. He gives grace freely, not because we deserve it or because we earn it but because He is love itself. He does not need to reign in His generosity or divide up His grace because he is grace. If that isn’t amazing grace, I don’t know…

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide + Holiday Sale!

Check out our carefully curated Christmas Gift Guide for the lovable Catholics in your life!

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Prints for Peace

Please print these as you need for peace during this health pandemic.

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Strong Women Make Waves – Defining True Strength

“Strong women make waves.” Sayings along these lines support a popular, favored notion in the public square today—the belief that women are strong, that women greatly contribute to society. I am among the many who uphold these sentiments, whose heart beats in accord with this anthem of recognition and empowerment. But, I am curious—what is this strength we refer to? And what does true strength mean?  Is this strength simply about doing it all? About carrying the load on our own? About muscling up and doing what was traditionally men’s work? About climbing to the top of the corporate ladder?…

Saint Teresa of Calcutta | Catholic tees

Mother Teresa’s Call to Love

Mother Teresa, or Saint Teresa of Calcutta, is one of the most well known, loved saints of our time. She spent her adult life serving the poor in India, despite her own medical challenges and spiritual darkness. Through nearly 50 years of not feeling God’s presence in her life, she showed perseverance and followed the path she knew God had intended for her. She was able to relate to those she served, because she understood the feeling of being abandoned and unloved. Mother Teresa took the extremely daunting task of changing the world, stepped back, and loved one person at…

St. Francis of Assisi

10 Saint Francis of Assisi Quotes To Inspire Discipleship

Saint Francis of Assisi grew up wealthy in the small town of Assisi, Italy. Despite the anger it brought his father, Saint Francis took a vow of poverty after receiving multiple visions from God, where in one of which God told him to “repair my church, which is falling in ruins.” Saint Francis soon established the Franciscan Order where he and his followers sought to live out the gospel in a literal way. He is known for his love of nature and animals, his strong commitment to both physical and spiritual poverty, and for receiving the stigmata (marks resembling the wounds on…

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St. Joseph and What the Saints and Popes Have to Say About Him

Saint Joseph is widely known for being husband to the Virgin Mary and foster father to Jesus, the Son of God. Although it is believed that he died while Jesus was young, he played an extremely important role in taking care of Him and Mary during His early years. Saint Joseph is easy to look up to in times of doubt and fear. He showed his true character in protecting and taking care of Mary when she was pregnant, even before he knew that the child she was pregnant with was the Son of God. This protection continued on as…

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