Brick House in the City – Winter Line 2022

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Your mercies are new every morning. – Lamentations 3:22 // The prophet Jeremiah wrote Lamentations in a time of grief and sorrow. In Lamentations, we see both the sorrow that comes from sin and the compassion that comes from God. The heaviness can be felt throughout it all, but as we read this verse, the beacon of hope pierces through. Our God is merciful to us and grants us an opportunity to start new, each day with Him. He does not do this out of pity, but out of love for us. No matter what yesterday looked like, God is there for us with each day without fail.  My hope is that when you wear this design, you feel the comfort of our God’s merciful and unfailing love.

“My strength returns to me with my cup of coffee and the reading of the psalms. ” – S.O.G. Dorothy Day // You guys know that I couldn’t go too long without creating something in honor of my beloved patron Dorothy. She has so many fiery and feisty quotes to choose from but these words have brought me a great deal of comfort over the past two years.  While the pandemic has raged on and I have found myself tired and discouraged, these words have reminded be that it is possible to find peace and regain my footing by taking the time to meet with Jesus. Coffee & psalm have indeed carried me through many hard times and I am grateful for this beautiful reminder that we do not need to over complicate things when we go to Jesus because He is always ready to meet us.

The Sorrowful Heart of Mary embroidery tee and sweatshirt // My devotional to the sorrowful heart of Mary has slowly built over the years and grown stronger as I have gone deeper into my vocation as a mother. Those instincts that I have – to love my children, to be their advocate, to protect them from harm, and to be their safe shelter – Mary had those too. And they didn’t end when her Son died on that cross for us. The maternity of Mary is all-encompassing and ever-expanding. The seven swords that pierced her heart opened it up wide enough so that each child of God would have a place. May we learn to open our hearts like Mary and may we never hesitate to collapse into her maternal embrace that is always there to hold us in every moment of need.

Our Patron Saints of Healing Litany tee. // Saint Philomena, patron saint of healing children, pray for us. Saint Juliana, patron saint of healing the chronically ill, pray for us. Saint Peregrine, patron saint of the healing of cancer, pray for us. Saint Lawrence, patron saint of healing of back pain, pray for us. Saint Maximilian, patron saint of healing of addictions, pray for us. Saint Padre Pio, patron saint of healing of infections, pray for us. Saint Raphael, patron saint of all healing, pray for us. All you holy men and women, pray for us. My hope is that when you wear this shirt you are reminded of how powerful the intercession of the saints can be and the healing power of God.

Imago Dei, when translated, means ‘image of God’. Imago Dei is the belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God and that our worth comes not from what we do, but from the One whose image we were made in. Imago Dei means that all life is sacred, because He stamped His identity unto ours. Imago Dei means our life has intention because God intentionally made us like Him. So much meaning, packed into two small words. My hope is that when you wear this design, you are comforted by the knowledge that you were made by the God of the universe, and that He does not make mistakes.

“The Eucharist is the highway to Heaven.” – Blessed Carlo Acutis // That was how Blessed Carlo saw the Eucharistic celebration. The Eucharist was the great love of his life. At his beatification mass, Pope Francis said, The Pope said, “Carlo did not rest in comfortable immobility. He grasped the needs of his time, because he saw the face of Christ in the weakest.” His example, he added, shows youth that “true happiness is found in putting God in the first place and serving Him in our brothers and sisters.” Blessed Carlo may become the first millennial saint, may we learn from his example and relentlessly pursue Christ and cherish the gift that is found in the Eucharist.

“I understood that every flower created by Him is beautiful, that the brilliance of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not lessen the perfume of the violet or the sweet simplicity of the daisy.” I love the message found here in the Little Flower’s words. We were all uniquely made with such divine intention. The world needs who *you* are. Not another version of someone else. God’s garden is most beautiful and bears the most fruit when we grow into who we were uniquely created to be. My hope is that when you wear this shirt, you feel the message of these words deep in your bones. // This design features a beautiful, vintage bouquet of flowers. This design is printed in black ink on a heathered dust crew neck tee. It is available in the same unisex cut that you know and love. You can grab one today at our discounted pre-order price. Tag your friends who love the Little Flower.

“Christ dwells in every creature” – St Brigid of Ireland – This was St Brigid’s response to the objections she received when giving away her possessions to those in greater need. This tender-hearted saint saw what so many of us often miss. That not only does Christ dwell in every creature, but that we should live accordingly. In a world where we so easily lose sight of the Christ in one another, these words encourage us to pause and acknowledge the beautiful truth that Christ is found in us all. This year may we follow in the footsteps of Saint Brigid and put these profound words into action.

‘Ite ad Joseph’, when translated, means Go to Joseph. I think that one of the greatest testaments to his holiness lies in the fact that though he does not have a single spoken word recorded, and yet we know of his holiness simply because of the way he lived his life. Saint Joseph was the foster father to the Son of God and he is a foster father to us all. This is why we ‘ite ad Joseph’. When go to Joseph in our times of trouble & temptation, he will be faithfully present, just as he was for the Son of God. Go to Joseph and his powerful intercession will be with you