Mother Teresa’s Call to Love

Saint Teresa of Calcutta | Catholic tees

Mother Teresa, or Saint Teresa of Calcutta, is one of the most well known, loved saints of our time. She spent her adult life serving the poor in India, despite her own medical challenges and spiritual darkness. Through nearly 50 years of not feeling God’s presence in her life, she showed perseverance and followed the…

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10 Saint Francis of Assisi Quotes To Inspire Discipleship

St. Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi grew up wealthy in the small town of Assisi, Italy. Despite the anger it brought his father, Saint Francis took a vow of poverty after receiving multiple visions from God, where in one of which God told him to “repair my church, which is falling in ruins.” Saint Francis soon established the…

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St. Joseph and What the Saints and Popes Have to Say About Him

Saint Joseph is widely known for being husband to the Virgin Mary and foster father to Jesus, the Son of God. Although it is believed that he died while Jesus was young, he played an extremely important role in taking care of Him and Mary during His early years. Saint Joseph is easy to look…

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