Christmas 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

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Our Mary’s Mantle Swaddle, Baptism Swaddle, Holy Family Hearts Swaddle and Sleeping Saint Joseph Swaddle will be marked down from $27 to $22

Our Fidget Rosary Poppers will be marked down from $14 to $7.99

The Pope Francis Tote Bag will be marked down from $19.99 to $16

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Now without further ado, our Catholic Christmas Gift Guide.

Gifts for Catholic Women who love Our Lady

  1. Mater Dei Tee 2. Latin Hail Mary Tee 3. Our Lady of La Leche Tee 4. Auspice Maria 5. Our Lady of Guadalupe 6. Titles of Mary 7. Strong Women Make Waves 8. Undoer of Knots 9. Gratia Plena

Mary has always been an important anchor in my spiritual life. She is such a bright light and virtuous model for all Catholics. If you have a devotion to Our Lady, these Marian-themed tees will be perfect for you!

For Catholic Women who love Scripture

  1. Your Mercies Are New Every Morning 2. Fruits of the Spirit 3. He Counts the Stars & Calls Them By Name 4. Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly 5. And If Not He is Still Good 6. You Make All Things New 7. Talitha Koum 8. It Is Well 9. Light Shines in the Darkness

The Bible is one of the most precious tools we have as Catholics to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus. Scripture shows us the heart of the church and is there for us in times of confusion, joy, doubt and yearning for more. If you feel closer to God through reading scripture, these tees will help you carry that feeling out into the world and to others each time you wear them.

For Catholic Women who love the Saints

  1. Every Flower – St Therese of Lisieux Tee 2. Reading Has Made Many Saints – St. Josemaria tee 3. Dorothy Day Revolution Tee 4. We Plant Seeds – St. Oscar Romero tee 5. I Am Not My Own – St Kateri tee 6. Everything is Grace – St Therese tee 6. Highway to Heaven Bl Carlo Acutis tee 8. St Francis de Sales Bloom Where You Are Tee 9. St Giana Whatever God Wants tee

There are so many brave, holy saints for us to look up to in the Catholic church. Each saint can teach us something different and I hope wearing these tees will inspire you to become the saint you were meant to be!

Gifts For the Catholic Home

  1. Fidget Rosary Poppers 2. Heirloom Catholic Advent Calendar 3. Catholic Mass Felt Kit 4. Mental Health Devotional 5. Baptism Swaddle 6. St. Teresa of Avila Apron 7. Grace Place Mats 8. Educators Lanyard 9. Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary Felt Kit

Nothing can replace the evangelization that takes place at home. Our homes are sacred spaces where we meet the Lord each day and where we serve the Christ in the people who live with us. These products are great for any homebody who wants to celebrate their faith in all the nooks and crannies of home life.

Gifts for Catholic Men

  1. Patris Corde 2. Saint Padre Pio Tee 3. Non nisi Te Domine – Aquinas Tee 4. Ora Et Labora- Saint Benedict Tee 5. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Tee 6. Memento Mori Tee 7. Quis Ut Deus – Saint Michael Tee 8. Peace and Goodness – Saint Francis Tee 9. Ite Ad Joseph – Saint Joseph tee

While you are shopping for the Catholic ladies in your life, you can grab something for the men too. These are our best-selling men’s tees. Each shirt has a unique and powerful message to encourage your guy throughout their day as well as inspire them on their walk towards sainthood.

Gifts for Catholic Kids

  1. Strong and Courageous Girls Saints Tee 2. Strong and Courageous Boys Saints Tee 3. Strong Like My Mom tee 4. Saint George Dragon Slayer Tee 5. Wonderfully Made Tee 6. Build Like Joseph – Saint Joseph Tee 7. Reading Has Made Many Saints Tee 8. Mightier Than the Waves of the Sea tee 9. Every Flower – St. Therese of Lisieux Tee
    And last, but certainly not least, gifts for the Catholic kiddos. These Catholic tees for kids are beloved in our home. They are the first things my children ask to wear when they come out of the wash. I love how they can point to Our Lady or to the Saints throughout the day and be reminded of their belovedness and their call to greatness. Even at a young age, these shirts have made an impact in a truly beautiful way.

That’s a wrap, folks!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for supporting my business. It means the world to my family that you choose our products as gifts for loved ones, for all the ‘treat yo self’ gifts and everything in between. I know it has been a hard year for many and when you are carefully deciding where to spend your hard-earned money, we are humbled that you think of us. We will always do our best to take care of our beloved community. We are so grateful to be marching on this path to sainthood with you. May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts in this Advent season.

In Christ,
Lauren Winter & the whole Brick House in the City Family

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