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Catholic Christmas Gift Ideas

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Catholic Christmas Gift Ideas

Our best-selling tea towel sets will be marked down from $25.99 to $20. Our stainless steel Carry on Bravely travel mug will be marked down from $23.99 to $20. Our popular color-changing cups, that fly off the shelves, will be marked down from $26.99 to $23.99. Our planner note pads and meal planning note pads will be marked down from $22 to $19. Our holy hearts and St. Anthony key chains will be marked down from $13.50 to $12.

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Now without further ado, our Catholic Christmas Gift Guide.

Gifts for Catholic Women who love Our Lady

  1. Strong Women Make Waves 2. Our Life, Our Sweetness, Our Hope 3. Undoer of Knots 4. Gratia Plena 5. Marian Litany 6. Fiat Tee

Mary has always been an important anchor in my spiritual life. She is such a bright light and virtuous model for all Catholics. If you have a devotion to Our Lady, these Marian themed tees will be perfect for you!

Gifts for Catholic Women who love Scripture

  1. Love Your Neighbor 2. It is Well With My Soul 3. Blessed are the Peacemakers 4. Perhaps You Were Born For Such a Time as This 5. Light Shines in the Darkness 6. Talitha Koum

The bible is one of the most precious tools we have as Catholics to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus. Scripture shows us the heart of the church and is there for us in times of confusion, joy, doubt and yearning for more. If you feel closer to God through reading scripture, these tees will help you carry that feeling out into the world and to others each time you wear them.

Gifts for the Catholic Mom

  1. Heart of a Mother – St. Therese Of Lisieux 2. Live Holy the Present Moment – St. Gianna 3. Motherhood Patrons Litany Tee 4. Raising Rambunctious Saints 5. Embrace the Chaos and Choose Joy 6. Carry on Bravely – St. Zelie

Being a mother is both challenging and beautiful, filled with chaos, love and joy! Surprise a wonderful mother in your life with one of these tees that she can wear proudly while pushing the stroller or doing drop off at school!

Our Best Sellers at Brick House in the City

  1. Carry on Bravely – St. Zelie 2. Carry on Bravely – St. Zelie Crew Neck Sweatshirt 3. Strong Women Make Waves 4. Black Saints Litany 5. Light Shines in the Darkness 6. Mother Teresa – Find Your Calcutta

This mix of best sellers features some of the church’s most beloved saints, scripture, and inspirational quotes. Getting a loved one a gift from this group almost guarantees that they will love whatever you pick out!

Gifts for the Catholic Advocate

  1. If You Want Peace Work For Justice 2. Beatitudes 3. What We Would Like To Do Is Change The World – Dorothy Day 4. Pro- Life 5. Works of Mercy 6. Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

As Catholics we know that we have been given instruction by God to work for and love those who are in need. These tees are perfect for anyone who is passionate about living their lives for others or who works to use their skills to advocate for God’s children.

Gifts for Catholic Women Who Love the Saints

  1. Mother Teresa – Find Your Calcutta 2. Strong and Courageous 3. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux – Every Flower 4. St. Francis de Sales – Bloom Where You Are Planted 5. St. John Chrysostom – Labors for Others 6. St. Joan of Arc – Dare Until I Die

There are so many brave, holy saints for us to look up to in the Catholic church. Each saint can teach us something different and I hope wearing these tees will inspire you to become the saint you were meant to be!

Gifts for the Catholic Women on the Go

  1. Carry on Bravely Tumbler 2. Ora Pro Nobis Key Chain 3. Carry on Bravely Crew Neck Sweatshirt 4. Daily Tasks Notepad 5. Love Your Neighbor 6. Feminine Genius

We are called to the new evangelization. Each and every time we leave our homes, we have an opportunity to be the face of Christ to others and to spread the message of the gospels. These products will help you as you venture out into the world and will help spark conversations with others about the faith.

Gifts for the Catholic Homebody

  1. Dorothy Day and Father Jacques Tea Towel Set of 2 2. Thank God Ahead of Time Crew Neck Sweatshirt 3. Color Changing Cups 4. Pots and Pans Meal Planning Notepad 5. Bloom Where You Are Planted 6. St Teresa of Calcutta & St Teresa of Avila Tea Towel Set

Nothing can replace the evangelization that takes place at home. Our homes are sacred spaces where we meet the Lord each day and where we serve the Christ in the people who live with us. These products are great for any homebody who wants to celebrate their faith in all the nooks and crannies of home life.

Gifts for Catholic Men

  1. Ite Ad Joseph 2. St. Padre Pio – My Past To Your Mercy Tee 3. Built for Battle – Saint Michael Tee 4. The Truth is Like a Lion – Saint Augustine Tee 5. The Most Deadly Poison of our Times is Indifference – St Max Kolbe Tee 6. Never Doubt – Never Tire Tee – Saint John Paul 2 Tee

While you are shopping for the Catholic ladies in your life, you can grab something for the men too. These are our best selling men’s tees. Each shirt has a unique and powerful message to encourage your guy thoughout their day as well as inspire them on their walk towards sainthood.

Gifts for Catholic Kids

  1. Strong and Courageous Boys Tee 2. Strong and Courageous Girls Tee 3. Strong Like My Mom Tee 4. Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry Tee 5. Saint Mike Defend Us In Battle Tee 6. I Love My Mama & My Mama Loves Me

And last, but certainly not least, gifts for the Catholic kiddos. These Catholic tees for kids are beloved in our home. They are the first things my children ask to wear when they comeout of the wash. I love how they can point to Our Lady or to the Saints throughout the day and be reminded of their belovedness and their call to greatness. Even at a young age, these shirts have made an impact in a truly beautiful way.

Gifts for the 2020 Catholic Heroes

  1. Educators Litany Tee 2. Medical Workers Litany Tee 3. Teaching Rambunctious Saints

That’s a wrap, folks!

Brick House in the City Founder Lauren Winter and family

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for supporting my business. It means the world to my family that you choose our products as gifts for loved ones, for all the ‘treat yo self’ gifts, and everything in between. We are honored and humbled to be marching on this path to sainthood with you. May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts in this Advent season.

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