Winter 2021 Line

Grace Upon Grace | Catholic T-shirt

For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. – John 1:16 // Grace is a gift that usually feels unmerited to me that I can receive it so generously and so fully and so often, despite all my missteps and short comings.   That is just how much our Father loves us. He gives grace freely, not because we deserve it or because we earn it but because He is love itself. He does not need to reign in His generosity or divide up His grace because he is grace. If that isn’t amazing grace, I don’t know what is.

Our Lady of Tranquility | Catholic t-shirts | Mental health

If you’ve been here for a while, you know how important mental health awareness is to me. I want to work to break the stigma that a mental health diagnosis is because of a lack of faith or trust in God. I created this design of Our Lady of Tranquility, someone who I have grown close with. She is holding a banner that says Mental Health Matters, because I know a mother’s love and that her heart sees us where we are. Mary is surrounded by wildflowers, which symbolize the growth that happens when we tend to our mental health and share them with our heavenly mother. I hope that when you wear this shirt you are reminded that your mental health matters to God

Whatever God Wants | Saint Gianna | Catholic T-shirts

Whatever God Wants – Saint Gianna // These words are so succinct, yet so impactful to proclaim and believe. Saying these words requires the trust act of relinquishing control, which can be so hard. However, when I acknowledge that there is nothing our Lord desires more than to love me and call me closer to Him, it becomes easier. Whatever God wants, because whatever God wants is better than anything I could ever plan myself.

Litany of Mary Catholic T-shirt

The Litany of Mary is one of my favorite prayers to pray. Mary is often presented as one dimensional, but she was so multifaceted. She is the mirror of justice, the seat of wisdom, the cause of our joy. She is the spiritual vessel, the vessel of honor, and the mystical Rose. She is the Gate of Heaven and the Morning star. This litany was first documented in 1558 but it hasn’t aged a day. How incredible it is to have such all-encompassing woman intercede for us.

Talitha Koum Catholic T-shirt

He took the girl by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum,” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise!” // Now, more than ever, I am inspired and encouraged by the words Talitha koum. We were created to rise. And whenever the task of arising feels daunting, I am comforted by the first part of this first verse, “Jesus took the girl by the hand.” The hand of Jesus is always there and when we rise up, we never have to do it alone. Not only do we have the hand of Jesus, we have the hands of the communion of saints and of each woman who has arisen before us and is rallying for us.

S.O.G. Thea Bowman Catholic T-Shirt

Remember who you are and whose you are. – S.O.G Thea Bowman // These words are so beautiful, but even more so when you know who spoke them. Thea once explained to the Bishops that being black and Catholic felt like being “a motherless child.” Growing up in the south meant that she was often the only Black woman in Catholic spaces. Remembering both who she was and whose she was allowed her to show up in a radically authentic way and change the church. My hope is that when you wear this shirt you are reminder of who you are and whose you are and it will encourage you to live boldly like Thea.

Memento Mori Catholic T-shirt

Memento Mori, is Latin for ‘remember your death’. We will one day die, no matter how rich or important you are, this is inevitable. No earthly glory can save you from your own mortality. As Catholics, this is a reminder to live our lives in such a way that when we do die, we can be united with our Savior and He can say to us, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”. When we are aware of Memento Mori, and apply it to our lives, we can see how truly precious life is AND how truly precious eternity is.

Litany for Creatives Catholic T-Shirt

Our ‘litany for creatives’ shirt. // St Hildegard was an amazing composer and is considered by many to be a patron saint of musicians and writers. Saint Ephrem was a prolific writer and is revered as one of the most notable hymnographers. S.O.G Takashi Nagai was a brilliant poet. Blessed Fra Anglico who was a gifted Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Saint Francis de Sale is the patron for authors and journalists. Saint Catherine of Bologna was an Italian artist who painted icons of the Saints before her. Saint Albert Chmielowski is the patron saint of paints and Saint Robert was a talented poet and hymn writer. This litany of creative is perfect for all those who add beauty to the world through their art.

Alma Calma Spanish Catholic T-Shirt

Alma, Calma – Our first Spanish tee! I have offered products in polish, and Italian, and Latin and now I am so thrilled to add our first Spanish shirt to the shop. After conversing with my Spanish speaking friends, we decided to use the phrase, ‘Alma, Calma’, which essentially means you are telling your soul to be calm and rest in the Lord. I don’t know who doesn’t need to hear this reminder. My hope is that when you wear this shirt, you can call on the Lord, and feel His peace deep within your soul.

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