The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Catholic Baby Shower

Written by: Lauren Winter



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Shopping for an upcoming Baby Shower? Know of a family who is recently expecting or a mother who deserves to be showered with love? 


We want to help you make this occasion special for both mother and baby. With this Catholic Baby Shower Gift Guide, we have curated ideas from our shop for the women celebrating the joyous occasion of new life within the faith. 


Each item has been chosen with care to reflect the spiritual significance and tradition of our faith. From the many patterns to choose from our swaddle collection, to inspiring T-shirts to encourage the new Mama through labor and the 4th trimester. These gifts are not only tokens of love and celebration but also symbols of our enduring faith.


It is our hope that these items will be passed on through many generations, reminding each person who enjoys them of the journey of parenthood that binds us all.

For the Baby:

This Holy Hearts Design includes Jesus' Sacred Heart, Mary's Immaculate Heart, and St. Joseph's lily adorned heart. Wrap your little one in the warmth of faith and the softest embrace with our new Catholic Swaddle Blankets. Sized generously at 47x47 inches, these blankets are crafted from 100% organic bamboo cotton, ensuring an incredibly soft touch against your baby's delicate skin. The fold and wrap beautifully around babies and are perfect for those first photos in the hospital or as a keepsake as they grow older.

One of the first swaddles in our shop, we're so glad to see the Mary's Mantle Swaddle is still a customer favorite. I remember those first nights as a new mom – sleep deprived but so deeply in love and in awe. As I wrapped the swaddle about her tiny body, I would ask Mary to be a Mother to both of us through the night and to help us rise with hope in the morning. The thought of Mary graciously sharing her Mantle with us brought me so much comfort. I created this swaddle to be a mantle that would comfort both babies and their mama’s, because no matter how our seasons of life change, we never stop needing our Heavenly Mother.

Our Sleeping St. Joseph Swaddle is perfect for a dreaming little one. I first learned of the devotion to the sleeping Saint Joseph through our beloved Pope Francis 7 years ago. "When I have a problem, I write a little note, and I put it underneath St. Joseph, so that he can dream about it! In other words, I tell him: Pray for this problem!” – Pope Francis.

How beautifully comforting it is to know that God can work through us and for us, even as we are sleeping. Through each step – from conceptualizing, to design, to holding it in my hands for the first time – I thought of your beautiful little ones, and I asked Saint Joseph to watch over them. 

This Lourdes Swaddle is done in a blue willow-style pattern. This delicate and feminine pattern has become a favorite for many of our new moms. Available also in spiritually meaningful patterns - Holy Hearts, Auspice Maria, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Stella Maris, and the Eucharistic - each blanket is a gentle reminder of God's love and protection. From peaceful slumbers to comforting cuddles, these swaddles are designed not just to keep your baby snug but to introduce them to the beauty of our faith from their very first days.

Going to Mass with little ones isn't always easy, but our hope is that it becomes a little easier with this "It's Time to Go to Church" Lift-the-Flap book. This is a great guide for young hearts eager to explore the beauty of the Mass in a fun and interactive way! Our colorful board book is designed to captivate curious minds. Each page is a delightful surprise, filled with flaps to lift and discover what's underneath. It's never too early to invite children into the wonder of the hidden treasures of the Mass.

For the Mama:

Dive into the floral embrace of our 'Heart of a Mother' tee, inspired by the tender words of Saint Therese of Lisieux: 'The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.'  This design celebrates the unparalleled beauty and strength found in a mother's heart, a divine masterpiece crafted with endless love and grace. This is the perfect gift for a new mom - whether she is adopting a new little one, or about to give birth, I hope this gives her hope in this new journey.

Our Catholic Headbands are a staple for new moms - whether she wants something beautiful to pull her hair back in labor, or she needs something to remind her of her faith on a chaotic day, these have been a popular item for moms. Crafted from satin, these headbands are as comfortable as they are beautiful, designed to add a touch of grace to any outfit.

Available in divine patterns such as Stella Maris, Guadalupe, Lourdes, Rosary, Auspice Maria, Eucharistic, and Holy Hearts, each headband tells a story, weaving the sacred into your everyday. 

Pair this Catholic Cold Cup sleeve with a giftcard from her favorite coffee shop, and gift this new Mama a little ceffeine and holu inspiration for the early mornings ahead. Crafted from waterproof, insulated neoprene, they're perfect for keeping your drinks cold and your hands comfortable.

Pair this Catholic Zipper bag with some new chapsticks, a giftcard, and some ginger chews for when that morning sickness hits. It's the perfect size to tuck in a diaper bag. They say it's the little things that make a big difference, and I believe these zipper bags are just that. A small reminder of faith and grace in our everyday hustle and bustle.

Perhaps you were born for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14) //  Such a time as this. Right here and right now. Our "Perhaps This is the Moment" tee is a great option to rock for a new Mama on her way to the hospital or in the early days of motherhood. Holiness and the path to sainthood are attainable for all of us. We were made so intentionally for our world today. When God created us He had sainthood in mind for each and every one.

I hope this Gift Guide inspires you as you keep this new Mama in mind. Adding a little personal touch with these unique patterns, tee shirts, and more, I hope every new mom feels important and loved in this new season of life.