Faith in Every Detail: Discover Our 11 Newest Catholic Creations

Written by: Lauren Winter



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In the heart of every creation lies a story, a prayer, and a touch of divine inspiration. At Brick House in the City, we're thrilled to share with you a collection that has been crafted with love, prayer, and a deep appreciation for our faith. From the subtle reminders of the Holy Hearts on your wrist to the sacred patterns adorning your everyday essentials, our 11 new products are more than just items; they're companions on your spiritual journey.

As we step into this season of renewal and grace, we've been inspired to bring elements of our Catholic heritage into the fabric of daily life. Whether it's through the soft embrace of our Holy Hearts Woven Blanket or the practical beauty of our Catholic Reusable Grocery Bags, each piece has been thoughtfully designed to weave the sacred into the ordinary.

Join us as we explore these new additions, each with its own story and purpose. From the cozy corners of your home to the bustling streets of your day-to-day errands, let these new treasures remind you of the beauty of faith and the warmth of God's love that surrounds us. 

New in Catholic Accessories

Just wrapped this darling 'Holy Hearts Catholic Apple Watch Band' around my wrist about a month ago and it's already such a treasured piece. 💖 The sacred trio – the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph – is intricately engraved among roses and lilies on soft, durable silicone. 

Each time I glance down to check the time, I'm reminded of their loving intercession and feel called to a moment of quiet prayer. It's the little things, isn't it? Available in 38mm and 42mm for $22, it's a subtle yet profound way to weave faith into the everyday. If you're like me and cherish these small prompts to lift your heart, you're going to want one too

Introducing our thoughtfully designed ID Wallets – where faith meets function in the palm of your hand! Made with faux leather for durability and style, these wallets are as sturdy as they are stunning. Priced at $25, they come in six exquisite patterns: Guadalupe, Stella, Lourdes, Auspice Maria, Holy Hearts, and Eucharistic. 

Measuring 4.75 inches by 4 inches with a comfortable 3.25-inch wristlet opening, these wallets are the perfect size for on-the-go organization. With 8 card slots, a clear ID slot, and a zipper compartment for coins, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

 Plus, each wallet is adorned with a charming wristlet, tassel, and charm – all detachable, so you can style it your way!Whether you're running errands, on your way to mass, or heading out for a coffee with friends, these ID wallets are a practical yet beautiful way to carry your essentials and a little piece of your faith. 

In our daily efforts to care for God's creation, little changes can make a big impact. That's why I'm in love with our new Catholic Reusable Grocery Bags! 🌿 Crafted from sturdy 190T Polyester and sized at a generous 26.5 inches x 19 inches, these bags are a testament to both faith and practicality.

With divine patterns like Lourdes, Guadalupe, Auspice Maria, Holy Hearts, and Eucharistic, running errands just got a touch more sacred. They're perfect for those of us in places where plastic bags are a thing of the past, and for anyone looking for a dependable, on-the-go option for shopping or daily tasks. 

At $12, not only are they a step towards being more environmentally conscious, but they also serve as a beautiful reminder of our call to stewardship – each purchase, a small act of love for our planet. Let's walk the talk of our faith with every trip to the market!

Whether it's for that morning coffee run or a midday pick-me-up, we all know how essential that cup of joe can be. ☕️🏃‍♀️ That's why I'm thrilled to share our new Catholic Cold Cup Sleeves with you! Crafted from waterproof, insulated neoprene, they're perfect for keeping your drinks cold and your hands comfortable. 

Available in sizes small (16-18oz), medium (22-24 oz), and large (32 oz), with divine patterns like Eucharistic, Stella Maris, and Holy Hearts. As we hustle through our days, these cup sleeves are little reminders of the sacred, turning every sip into a moment of reflection – it's like fuel for the soul, powered by our favorite brew.

For all my fellow coffee (or iced tea) lovers, these cup sleeves are a practical expression of our faith and a boost for our busy lives. 

Introducing our beautifully crafted Catholic Zipper Bags – where function meets faith in the most delightful way! Measuring 8.5 inches x 6 inches, these versatile little wonders are adorned with sacred patterns like Holy Hearts, Auspice Maria, Stella, Lourdes, Eucharistic, and Guadalupe, each finished with a touch of elegance thanks to the complementary velvet fabric at the bottom.

At $18, these zipper bags are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a bit of organization to their life without sacrificing style or meaning. Whether you're storing a veil, keeping your accessories in order, or even carrying around those essential nick snacks, these bags have got you covered. I've fallen in love with how well-made and functional they are.

Introducing our latest addition to the collection: Catholic Headbands, a fusion of faith, fashion, and function! Crafted from satin, these headbands are as comfortable as they are beautiful, designed to add a touch of grace to any outfit.

Available in divine patterns such as Stella Maris, Guadalupe, Lourdes, Rosary, Auspice Maria, Eucharistic, and Holy Hearts, each headband tells a story, weaving the sacred into your everyday. Measuring about 22 inches around with a stretchy elastic, they're made to fit various head sizes comfortably, ensuring you can wear them all day, whether you're at work, running errands, or at prayer.

Imagine accessorizing your Sunday best, adding a pop of faith to your casual wear, or simply keeping your hair back during your personal prayer time. These headbands are perfect for anyone who wants to carry a reminder of her faith in a stylish, practical way.

Introducing our NEW Catholic Wrist Lanyards. Whether you're bustling about town or dashing to your next class or meeting, let these little gems remind you of the bigger picture. Whether you're drawn to the serene blues of the Stella Maris Collection or the sacred artistry of the Eucharistic pattern, each lanyard is a beautiful blend of faith and function.

Available options: Stella Maris, Guadalupe, Rosary, Auspice Maria, Eucharistic, Lourdes, Holy Hearts, and Holy Travel – each part of its own beautiful collection.

At just $10 each and sized at .75 inches x 10 inches, these woven polyester lanyards are perfect for everyone, from the fervent faithful to the saintly sojourner. Choose the one that resonates with your spirit or gift it to someone special and spread the blessings. 

New for the Catholic Home:

Wrap yourself in the warmth of faith with our stunning Catholic Holy Hearts Woven Blanket. Crafted from woven cotton, this heirloom-quality piece measures 51 inches x 63 inches, making it the perfect blend of beauty and comfort.

Priced at $60, the Holy Hearts pattern is not just a design; it's a declaration of love and devotion, woven into every thread. With each wash, the fabric softens, enhancing the cozy feel while maintaining its breathtaking appearance. Whether you drape it over your couch for snuggle-filled story times, use it as a gentle reminder during your prayer time, or display it as a tapestry to enrich your home's spiritual ambiance, this blanket is a versatile treasure.

Imagine the stories, prayers, and dreams that will be shared under the warmth of this blanket. It's an invitation to create moments that will be cherished for generations. 

Crafting, journaling, and decorating just got an upgrade with our Catholic Washi Tape Sets! For $20, you'll receive a mixed set of 6 beautifully designed washi tapes, each roll featuring one of our cherished patterns: Guadalupe, Stella, Rosary, Holy Hearts, Auspice Maria, and Eucharistic.

Made with 45g washi tape and measuring 15mm*10m, each roll is not only gorgeous but incredibly functional. Imagine adorning your personal journals, prayer journals, school notes, or meeting notes with these sacred designs, transforming the mundane into moments of grace and beauty. Each roll is a long-lasting expression of faith that can beautify your space and items with ease.

Washi tape is perfect for crafting personalized greeting cards, bookmarking your favorite scripture passages, or even adding a touch of inspiration to your daily planner. The possibilities are endless, and with these mixed sets, you'll have plenty of divine designs to choose from.Let's infuse our everyday tasks with a little more beauty and intention. Whether you're an avid journaler, a crafty soul, or someone who appreciates the delicate details, these washi tape sets are a must-have. 

In a world of texts and emails, there's something profoundly personal about receiving a handwritten note. That's why I'm so excited to share our Catholic Note Cards with you! 💌✨ For just $16, you'll receive a set of 10 beautifully crafted cards and envelopes, made from premium 350g C2S paper. 

Sized perfectly at 5.5 x 4.25 inches, these cards come in 7 divine patterns: Stella, Guadalupe, Lourdes, Eucharistic, Rosary, Auspice Maria, and Holy Hearts. Each one is a work of art, ready to convey your messages of love, gratitude, encouragement, or sympathy with a touch of sacred beauty.

Whether you're sending a thank-you note, offering condolences, celebrating a sacrament, or just dropping a line to a friend, these note cards add a meaningful dimension to your message. They're perfect for any occasion that calls for a heartfelt touch.In a fast-paced world, let's revive the art of thoughtful correspondence. Share a piece of your heart and your faith with someone special today. 

Diving into a good book just got a little more sacred with our Catholic Magnetic Bookmarks set. 📚✨ At $20 for a set of 6, each bookmark is crafted from high-quality 300g C2S paper with a 0.4mm soft magnet, ensuring your place is held securely without damaging the pages.

Measuring 2 cm x 6 cm, these little treasures come adorned with the same beloved patterns as our washi tape: Guadalupe, Stella, Rosary, Holy Hearts, Auspice Maria, and Eucharistic. They're perfect for anyone wanting to bring a touch of holiness to their reading, whether it's for school, leisure, or spiritual nourishment.

These bookmarks are designed to be as versatile as they are beautiful, suitable for readers of all ages. Imagine marking your place in your Bible, your latest novel, or even your study materials with these divine images, making every reading session a reminder of the beauty of our faith.

Let's make every page turn a step closer to the saints and the Sacred. Whether you're gifting them to a young reader or using them in your own spiritual journey, these magnetic bookmarks are a practical and graceful way to keep your faith close. 

As we draw this sacred unveiling to a close, we hope you feel as inspired and uplifted by these 11 new additions as we do. Each product has been crafted with the intention of bringing a piece of the divine into your daily life, blending functionality with faith in a way that speaks to the heart of what it means to live a Catholic life.

We invite you to explore these treasures and discover how they can enhance your journey of faith, whether by adding a touch of grace to your home, enriching your personal devotions, or simply serving as a reminder of God's ever-present love and guidance in your life. Remember, these items are not just products; they're catalysts for contemplation, conversation, and connection with the sacred.

At Briock House in the City, our mission is to serve as a bridge between the beauty of Catholic tradition and the rhythms of modern life. We're honored to walk this path with you, offering products that help illuminate the way. May these new offerings inspire you to find the holy in the everyday and encourage you to carry your faith with you, wherever you go.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your spiritual journey. We can't wait to hear how these new additions enrich your life and faith. Share your stories with us, and let's continue to build a community that celebrates the beauty of believing.
God bless, and happy exploring!