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Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to create a Catholic coloring book and how to draw book. My kids and I love to color together so I was super excited about this book and getting ready to photograph it and then, Oh! What’s that? A printing error. Not just one but two. The same page printed twice and on one of the pages Saint Joseph's arm is oh wonky. So this is me realizing that and trying not to cry because I have hundreds of these but after taking this to prayer I truly feel so much peace because what this means now is that I can offer these to you guys at a much cheaper price and hopefully that means that these coming books will be in more homes and hopefully that will lead to more spiritual encounters, more family bonding, more joy, more laughter, and that's really all I ever wanted when I made this.

Now with all that said, I wanted to share the The 2-In-1 Catholic Coloring details. There are 50 pages total. 30 coloring pages and 20 how-to-draw pages.

The 2-In-1 Catholic Coloring Book features the 30 coloring pages:

  1. Mary holding baby Jesus
  2. Jesus
  3. Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus (Error 1)
  4. Saint Therese of Lisieux
  5. Saint Oscar Romero
  6. Saint Kateri
  7. Saint Josephine
  8. Saint Joan of Arc
  9. Saint Patrick
  10. Saint Gianna
  11. Saint Martin de Porres
  12. Saint Lucy
  13. Blessed Rani
  14. Augustus Tolton
  15. Saint John Neuman
  16. SOG Thea Bowman
  17. Saint Rose
  18. Saint Ignatius
  19. Sacred Heart of Jesus
  20. Saint Michael
  21. Saint Jude
  22. Saint Dymphna
  23. Saint Zelie
  24. Immaculate Heart of Mary
  25. Saint Faustina
  26. Dorothy Day
  27. Irma Dulce
  28. Miguel Pro
  29. Benedict Daswa
  30. Augustus Tolton

And the following How-to-Draw Pages:

  1. Monstrance
  2. Decade Rosary
  3. Tabernacle
  4. Auspice Maria Symbol
  5. Miraculous Medal
  6. Holy Spirit Dove
  7. Sacred Heart
  8. Immaculate Heart
  9. Chaste Heart
  10. Baptismal font
  11. The communion chalice
  12. The lamb
  13. Crown of thorns (Error 2)
  14. Papal Keys
  15. The Mitre
  16. Palm frond
  17. Chi Rho / Alpha Omego
  18. Thurible
  19. Papal Symbol
  20. Celtic knot/ Holy trinity symbol

The pages are printed on thick paper and can be photocopied for extra use. They are available to ship today! I truly hope you all love this coloring book, imperfections and all.  Tag a friend who would love this coloring book!

Product Details - This coloring book is sized 8 x 11.5 inches and is printed on high-quality paper. It comes perfect bound.


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